Forum Update 01.08.12

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Forum Update 01.08.12

Post by Jessica Lam on 09/01/12, 04:16 am

Hello Team!
We're growing fast and I want to take a moment to thank each of you! Things are going great and I hope you are enjoying our new forum. Here's a few things that have changed over the weekend:

  • Addition of ranks
  • I changed a few forum topics and moved things around to hopefully make everything easier to navigate.
  • I have assigned several of you to our usergroups. PM me if you'd like to become a part of a group. You will be able to access a special part of the forum where only your group members may view/post. So it's a safe place to share supplier information or how-to's you wouldn't necessarily want the whole forum to know. See the attachment below for some examples of our group names. We can add additional groups if none suite you. You can choose more than one group. (To PM me, just click on the graphic under my name on the right that says "PM")
  • I deleted a few threads and added others--hopefully this was helpful to most.
  • I started a pinterest experiment. Check the social media category if you'd like to be included.
  • We updated the team rules to include the following regarding participation: Users are asked to log into the new forum and post at least once a month. If you haven't logged in for more than
    2-3 months you will receive a private message to remind you to stay active, otherwise you're membership could be revoked so we can make sure we are keeping our forum active and useful for everyone. It is not okay to "troll" the forum. You must be an active participant. How often you participate is up to you but failure to participate could result in a loss of your Smitten Soirée Membership. The hope is that it doesn't become a burden on our busy schedules, but we can at least stay an active and helpful community.
  • You may have noticed that some topics say "Team Announcement" in front and they are stickies that show up on every thread. These are important message from Admin and you definitely need to read them. This is where we'll be periodically posting the most important info.
  • I removed the minimum requirement of posts to be able to send one another private messages. It's now set to 0.

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