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Admin Team Rules and TOS

Post by Jessica Lam on 28/12/11, 09:38 pm

Team Rules and TOS:

1. Registration Requirements
Soirée is an exclusive community for bridal professionals. Our forum is
available free of charge.To register, please first fill out our member
application form at

2. We are a Private Forum
Soirée is private and unavailable for public view. As such, you are
prohibited from uploading, posting, emailing, copying, or otherwise
making available any information contained within these forums.

3. Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
participating in our member forums either by viewing or posting
information, it is understood and agreed to that the parties to this
Agreement would each like to provide the other with certain information
that may be considered confidential. To ensure the protection of such
information and in consideration of the agreement to exchange said
information, the parties must agree to uphold our mutual confidentiality

4. Respectful Participation is Required
While we
encourage participants to share from their experiences, we do ask that
you do so in a manner that is both kind and respectful to the person you
are responding to. We ask that all users be kind and respectful to the
professionals who have been selected to be members of this forum.

5. No personal attacks
attacks of any kind, public or private, will not be tolerated. This is
intended to be a positive, safe place for everyone. You are welcome to
disagree with a member, but calling them names or flaming their
character is not allowed. If you have a personal issue to discuss with a
member, please take it off the boards and discuss it via private

6. No profanity
Vulgarities, obscenities, name-calling, character assassinations or mockery are not allowed on the Smitten Soirée forum.

7. Moderation, Editing and Banning
Moderators regularly check the forums for inappropriate messages and
material. Messages containing such material will be deleted or edited
without warning or explanation and the member could be banned. We
reserve the right to edit, delete or otherwise moderate any postings
made to its community of sites without warning or explanation. Members
who require excessive moderation or whose participation results in
excessive moderation may be banned.

8. Treatment of Moderators & Administrators
form of moderator or administrator harassment, including insults,
personal attacks and character assassination done either in public or
via private message can result in a ban of your account. If you disagree
with actions taken by the moderating team, the proper procedure for
voicing that disagreement is via Private Message or Email. For privacy
reasons we can not and will not discuss the reason someone else's
account was banned, either in public or in private. Moderating decisions
are made based on a number of factors, and the action that resulted in
the moderating decision is often no longer available for public view. It
is inappropriate for users to create threads denouncing the actions of
the moderating team and doing so will result in further moderator
action, up to and including account banning.

9. Reporting Violations
To report violations of any of the above rules, please send a message to the forum Administrator.

Team Tag
If you would like to create team treasuries on Etsy, our team tag is: SmittenSoireeTeam

If you have anything you'd like to add please convo me and I will consider adding them to the rules.
Thank you and we all look forward to sharing ideas!
Jessica Lam
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